There are three three nucleotides on a tRNA molecule that pair with the three nucleotides of a specific codon in mRNA are called the molecules. codons that do not code for an amino acid. omplements with the strand of DNA. from mRNA. 6. A very short RNA fragment used to initiate DNA replication is called a 7. The 8. DNA is replicated continuously along the leading strand but discontinuously along the 9. termini of separate Okazaki fragments of DNA. 10. 11. A minimum ofcodon positions are required to encode all 20 amino acids (Earthlings). 12. Mutations in codons that do not result in an amino acid change are sometimes referred to as hypothesis describes the ability of a single tRNA to pair with multiple codons. strand. is an e e that catalyzes the formation of a covalent bond between adjacent S-P and 3′-0H mutations prematurely terminate translation of mRNA. mutations. Short Answer 1. Explain why the chromosomal ends in many somatic cells shorten after each round of replication. What mechanism prevents this from occurring? (4 points)

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