What are 3 types of complex tissues in a plant?

Caudal fins 6. Most have a homocercal caudal fin. This type of tail has upper and lower lobes that are equal in size. Vertebral column ends in modified vertebrae that support the fin. This type of teleost caudal fin exhibits a wide range of shapes, relating to normal swimming speed of fish species. a. Hagfishes c. Sharks d. Rays e. Bony fishes Homocercal Skeletal system The axial skeleton (without centra) along the length of the notochord. a. Hagfishes b. Lampreys c. Chondrichthyans d. Osteichthyans 7· of is composed of a cartilaginous cranium and vertcbral elements 8. The jaws of一一 (lower jaw) supported by elements of the hyoid arch. a. Hagfishes b. Lampreys c. Elasmobranchs d. Teleosts largely consist of the palatoquadrate cartilage (upper jaw) and Meckel’s cartilage Muscular system In most fishes, typically account for the bulk of the trunk musculature. This muscle tissue is used movements, such as those associated with a fish’s escape from a predator or the chasing of In many fishes, this muscle is associated with very rapid but short duration prey a. Red muscle fibers b. White muscle fibers c. Pink muscle fibers d. Yellow muscle fibens Locomotion 10.swimming is exhibited by many fishes that possess a thick forebody with reduced flexibility such that body undulations are confined to the posterior of the body. Many have a rounded forebody with little flexibility and more compressed mid-body and caudal peduncle (e.g., North American freshwater catfishes). Other common fishes that exhibit this type of swimming include cod, goldfish, and many types of salmon, trout and bass. The caudal fins tend to be truncate, rounded, or emarginated, albeit some, such as those of some G Rirn ratos ave around 1.5 fo

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