Clinical case study Kathleen Fitzpatrick is 55 years old and has been coming to your practice for many years. She is married, has three children, and works as the secretary at her church. She runs to keep in shape. She takes no medication except for occasional cough and cold products and acetaminophen and naproxen for aches and pains, Mrs. Fitzpatrick had a hip replacement 7 months ago. She is scheduled to come in tomorrow for her regular oral health maintenance examination 1. Would you recommend antibiotic prophylaxis for Mrs. Fitzpatrick? Why or why not? 2. Under what conditions is antibiotic prophylaxis recommended? 3. What antibiotics and doses are used for patients who require antibiotic prophylaxis? 4. What should patients be told about the antibiotics that may be prescribed for prophylaxis? 5. What are some reasons that Mrs. Fitzpatrick could be noncompliant with her medication? 6. Mrs. Patrick took warfarin for a weeks after hip replacement surgery. She is also taking a very low-dose oral contraceptive for the symptoms of menopause. Are there any drug interactions with warfarin and antibiotics or oral contraceptives and antibiotics? What should be done for patients who may be taking either one of these combinations?

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