What is the function of desaturase enzymes? What is a key limitation of these enzymes in mammals and why is it important nutritionally?

What are the key points of regulation of fatty acid synthesis?

Which of the following meals provides more energy? Explain your answer. (A) A lunch containing 68 g CHO, 22 g protein, 10 g fat, and 300 mg cholesterol or (B) a breakfast meal providing 25 g fat, 5 gr protein, 45 g CHO, and 130 mg cholesterol.

How does a behavior modification plan assist in weight loss?

Which of the following best illustrates the principle of independent assortment? A) A dihybrid produces four types of gametes in equal ratios B) Pure-breeding parents produce F1 offspring that all resemble one of the parents. C) A monohybrid produces two types of gametes in equal ratios D) The probability that a gamete from a monohybrid contains a dominant allele is 50%

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