We can use an ECG to predict the mechanical events of the heart. The T-wave corresponds to which of the following mechanical events? A. Ventricular depolarization B. Relaxation of the ventricular muscle C. Ventricular repolarization D. B and C E. A and C

sion on the brain stem. It consists primarily of fibrous Figure 24.2) lies between the lateral masses of the Figure 24.3 Origin and circulation of cerebrospinal fluid. –Arachnoid Granulations Arachnoid Mater Cerebral Aqueduct (Aqueduct of Sylvius) Choroid Plexus of Fourth Ventricle Choroid Plexus of Third Ventricle Dura Mater Fourth Ventricle Interventricular Foramen Foramen of Monro) ー12 1 1 10- 5 Median Aperture (Foramen of Magendie) Sagittal Sinus -Subarachnoid Space (2 places) 7 Third Ventricle

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