What is found in the lacteals? Lymph loaded with bacteria Dietary lipids Lymph entering the digestive tract to be excreted Lymph filtered by the hepatic portal circulation QUESTION 52 The overall flow of lymph is always in what direction? From low pressure to high pressure From the lymphatic capillaries towards the lymphatic ducts From the heart to the capillaries With the force of gravity OO QUESTION 53 Through what structure does both semen and urine travel in males? The urethra The vas deferens The epididymis The ureter QUESTION 54 As spermatocytes undergo meiosis in seminiferous tubules what occurs? The progressively move towards the lumen of the seminiferous tubule They progressively move towards the wall of the seminiferous tubule for storage On sperm matures while the other become polar bodies Spermatocytes develop from haploid cells into diploid cells When a follicle ruptures and releases an oocyte into the fallopian tube the leftover follicle becomes what structure? Secondary follicle Corpus luteum Fimbriae Ovary

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