What is thibition zone? Which antimicrobic agent/chemical produced the largest average inhibition zone diameter? Which of the agents used in our experiment was least effective? Which was most effective? Which of the agents used are disinfectants? Which are antiseptics? 16. Which antibiotics used was broad spectrum? Which was narrow spectrum? 17. Which bacteria were resistant to most of the antibiotics used? Which bacteria were sensitive or susceptible to most of the antibiotics used? What culture medium was used? 18. What are the characteristic contents of MSA medium? What is the ph indicator in MSA? Which bacteria genus grows on it? Which bacteria species turns it yellow? 19. What enzyme activity was hydrogen peroxide solution used to test bacteria for? What indicated positive or negative reaction? 20. How effective was alcohol swabbing as a dogerming agent? 21. Review the unknown identification process and procedures. What is SIM tube and what was it used to determine or detect in bacteria. What is catalasa test and what agent was used for this test? What is an enterotube? What tests can be confirmed by it? 22. What is the citrate test? What culture media was used to test bacteria for it?

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