Which of the following is true of a human lung cell in an adult? A. it contains the same DNA as a liver cell B. genes of other cell types have been spliced out of the DNA C. ALL genes are expressed D. it is pluripotent

What is the degree of freedom in the abovementioned experiment? What is the (E-O)^2/E number for purple kernels (round off)? a. 0.33. b. 0.01 c. 1.0 d. 10.0 d. 0.025-0.01 What is the chi square number? a. 0.32 b. 1.19 c. 1.33 d. 4.07 What range (chance/probability) does the chi-square number belong-to in the chi square table (between two percentiles)? a. 0.99-0.95 b. 0.90-0.10 c.0.10-0.05 d. 0.025-0.01 Based on your number from the following table of x^2 values, determine your hypothesis: a. Accept b. Question c. Reject d. None of the above I have written down following 4 number from the chi-square table (first row). Which of these X^2 values has least deviation or best value most accepta hypothesis (check in the ci square 5. table)? a. 000157 b. 0642 c. 1.642 d. 6.635 square analysis you counted following number of corn kernels (observed data) in an ear of co HYBRID cross:

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