What is the main cause of hypoparathyroidism Which electrolyte would be high and which one low In hyperparathyroidism, where does the body get the increased calcium Describe the pathophysiology of what occurs. List the 3 main categories of hormone that are secreted by the adrenal cortex. What effect do glucocorticoids have on the body proteins and muscles How do glucocorticoids affect the body’s blood glucose level What does this do to the body weight How do glucocorticoids affect adipose tissue Where does the fat accumulate How do glucocorticoids affect one’s ability to fight infection What hormones are increased in Cushing’s disease What symptoms will you see with Cushing’s What is the main mineralocorticoid and what does it do What is the major clinical manifestations of hyperaldosteronism List 3 clinical signs or symptoms will you see with increased aldosterone levels Addison’s disease is caused by what abnormality of which gland Which 3 hormones arc deficient in Adrenal insufficiency What is the pathophysiology of Addison’s disease Describe the symptoms associated with a deficiency of the following hormones that are seen in Addison’s Disease: Glucocorticoids: Mineralocorticoids: Androgens:

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