A young mother has recently given birth to baby boy. She is complaining that the baby will not stop crying Initially she thought the baby was suffering from a cold but after her attempts to accommodate him failed she has made her way to the ER. Upon your initial observation, you find that the lethargic infant may not be cating properly. The young patient presents with a “mousy” odor from their sweat and urine, In addition the patient has mild eczema, is sensitive to sunlight and has abnormally light skin. Other symptoms include significantly diminished mental capacity, hyperactivity, and seizures. Measured specific gravity………1.042. Urine temperature……….16C.. Corrected specific gravity Total Solids pH test strip.. Biuret Reagent. fodine…… Benedicts Reagent… Group…… From the list of pathological states, what is the prognosis for patient 1?… Patient 2 A 10 year old female, presents to the office with an approximate 10 lb, weight loss over the last few weeks, nausea, increased thirst and urination. She denies abdominal pain. She was admitted to the hospital for 24 hours and given and IV and oral fluids. Over the next 18 hours her blood sugars decreased to 140 mg/dl. Her last chem profile showed Sodium-135, Potassium = 3.6, Chloride -109, and CO2 – 25. She was seen by the dietition and taught carbohydrate counting and given a discharge medication regimen. Measured specific gravity……1.045… Urine temperature……………160 Corrected specific gravity……. Total Solids…… pH test strip… Biuret Reagent… Todine. Benedicts Reagent… Group…….From the list of pathological states, what is the prognosis for patient 2?..

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