What is the purpose of gonads? Filter the blood Produce sex hormones Produce gametes Both B and C QUESTION 32 Ejaculation is triggered by what part of the nervous system? Parasympathetic Sympathetic Enteric None of all of the above? QUESTION 33 All of the following statements are true regarding the sertoli cells except: They produce testosterone They regulate spermatogenesis They nourish and protect the developing spermatozoa They are found in the seminiferous tubules QUESTION 34 What is the role of the Vasporessin(AVP)/Anti-Diuretic Hormone (ADH)? To conserve water and increase reabsorption back into the blood To increase the net filtration rate To produce a large volume of dilute urine To prevent water from being reabsorbed back into the blood and the external sphincter is Micturition (urination) is controlled by two sphincters; the internal sphincter is Involuntary, voluntary Voluntary, Involuntary Under nervous control, under hormonal control Under hormonal control, under nervous control

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