What kind of joints are freely movable with the bones separated by a a) fibrous b) synovial c) cartilaginous d) hinge e) none of these fluld-fliled cavity 38. Which of the following is a shared characteristic of all chordates? a) hair b) skull c) notochord d) vertebral column 39. Before the occurrence of the amnlotic egz. reproduction and embryo development in vertebrate were limited to a) the tropics. b) water environments. c) locations in trees. d) polar regions e) nighttime only. 40. In which of the following did the amniotic ess first appear? a) Class Aves b) Class Amphibla d) Class Amphibia e) Class Actinopteryg 41. Endoderm becomes X. a) the nervous system b) the lining of the digestive tract c) muscle d) connective tissue 42. Dermal scales are characteristic of the Class a) Mammalia b) Aves d) Reptilia 43. A water vascular system and tube feet are characteristic of X a) annelids b) molluscs c) echinoderms d) crustaceans e) none of these

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