What level of classification is common to all three organisms?

2. Which two organisms are most closely related to each other?

3. At what level of the classification hierarchy do the two most closely related organisms differ?

4. Copy and paste the species name into your search bar. What are the common names for all organisms?

Table 1. Classification of three different animals.

                                    Organism A                 Organism B                 Organism C

Domain                       Eukarya                       Eukarya                       Eukarya

Kingdom                     Animalia                      Animalia                      Animalia

Phylum                        Chordata                     Chordata                     Chordata

Class                            Mammalia                   Mammalia                   Mammalia

Order                           Carnivora                    Carnivora                    Carnivora

Family Canidae Felidae Canida

Genus   Canis     Lynx     Canis

Species                        Canis lupus                 Lynx rufus                   Canis latrans

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