What term refers to the changes that occur when an aquatic tadpole becomes a frog with limbs and lungs? 8. What is the name of the membranous covering associated with the heart? 9. What structure in the frog receives materials from the large intestine, mesonephritic ducts, and the reproductive organs? 10. Which animals have modified scales covering their bodies, have scales on their feet, lay shelled eggs, and have internal organs and skulls that provide evidence to classify them as reptiles? 11. What organs are present if a vertebrate has a pulmonary system of circulation with pulmonary capillaries? 12. How many ventricles are present in the heart of an amphibian and most reptiles? 13. Which vertebrates have air sacs attached to their lungs that make the lungs more efficien 14. What organs, present in all the e vertebrates, produce urine and maintain the proper balance of fluids and salts in the blood?

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