What type of reactions are catalyzed by the dehydrogenases in glycolysis Krebs and pyruvate oxidation? 5. 6. ATP balance of glycolysis a. How many ATP molecules are used up during the first half of glycolysis? b. How many ATP molecules are produced by the last half of glycolysis? c. What is the net ATP balance for glycolysis? 7. Glycolysis converts NAD+ into NADH. If glycolysis were to occur without any other processes, the cell would run out of NADH. а. At what point would glycolysis stop ifno NAD+ were available? If no NAD+ were available, what would be the net ATP balance for (partial) glycolysis? b. 8. Name 2 processes that can convert NADH back into NAD+. 9. Which phases of cell respiration release the carbon atoms of glucose as CO2? 10. If the electron transport chain creates 2.5 ATP from each NADH and 1.5 ATP from each FADH2, how many ATP molecules would be produced from the complete cellular respiration of a single glucose molecule? Show your work

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