HPV 30-40 Genital Types A virus that can cause cancer Helena, a 39 year-old busy mom of three kids, finally gets the time reveal precancerous cells in her cervix. Helena’s doctor runs a DNA ermePapillomavirus (HPV) 18, which is one major cause of cervical cancer. 6 and 11 1618 to have her gynecological exam. The results from her Pap smear cause 70% of 1 test from her Pap sample and detects the presence of Human e90%of What type of second line of defense non-specific immune cell is going to communicate with the third line of defense to help fight Helena’s HPV infection? (1 point) List the major third line of defense specific lymphocytes and their functions in fighting off Helena’s HPV infection. (1.5 points) Third Line of Defense Lymphocytes Functions tol Fill in the blanks. A cytotoxic T cell will bind to the HPV epitope presented on MHC I found on host cells. (1 point) Which type of third line of defense specific hymphocyte is required to help “activate’ the cytotoxic T cell (Thi or Th2)? (1 point) Fill in the blanks. B cells will phagocytize and present the HPV epitope on (MHC I or MHC II) and become active through costimulation from(Thl or Th2) (T cell dependent activation). (2 points) Which three major antibodies are produced by plasma B cells in response to Helena’s HPV infection? State where they are found in the body. (1.5 points) Antibodies Where they are found in the body

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