This study has focused on the effect of product delivery on customer satisfaction towards online shopping on e-commerce sector. Shopping is a popular activity in our daily life, and with the improvement of technology, we can select and purchase products through different vendors, rather than waiting in a long queue in the shopping mall. Doing online shopping is becoming a fashionable trend among people, and young people like operate their own website and pages to provide online services and display products.

In addition, online shops provide a platform to allow consumers to search for the information they want and to easily make comparisons with similar stores. The online shops give consumers more chances to compare the same product with other websites (Cheng Lu Wang, 2011).

Due to the feature of Internet, it allows customer to shopping online anytime and anywhere, which means customer can browse and shopping online 24-hours a day, 7 days a week from home or office, which attracts some time-starved shoppers come to Internet for save time to searching products in physical store. Additionally, Internet offers some good ways to save money and time. with the traditional shopping, there is no waiting line for shoppers on the Internet, and some shoppers reported that they feel pressure from the sales people sometimes, but Internet offers them more enjoyable while shopping online (Wolhandler, 1999).” “

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