Con Samoa – Sur when Marmolecule w droge boods with its hydroxyl groups ring when it is h and bydrae supers. was one in water. o is a polysaccharide used for energy storage by pen patan 21. G bacteria. Whirde olhe components of a tossed salad will pass through the human digestive tract with the digestion? sugar in the dressing) oil (in the dressing) starch in the croutons) d. cellulose in the lettuce leaves) e protein in the bacon bits) 23. Which of the following is NOT true of polysaccharides? & composed of many linked monosaccharides may be straight and unbranched or highly branched most likely made of glucose molecules if they are one of the natural polysaccharides d. may be insoluble because of their large size and structure c. are formed by cleavage reactions 24. Chitin is a polysaccharide with atoms attached to the glucose backbone. magnesium b. phosphorus c. potassium d nitrogen c. sulfur in their 25. Like other animals, penguins of the north can keep warm because of layers and patches of bodies. 2 adipose tissue b. proteins c. carbohydrates d. sterols e phospholipids 26. Which of the following are lipids? a sterols b. triglycerides c oils d waxes e all of these v 27. Cholesterol is synthesized in the large intestine, remodeled into vitamin A used in the construction of cell membranes d. component of plant cell walls 28. Lipids a. yield less energy per than do carbohydrates b. include cartilage and chitin e include fuis consisting of me fatty acid molecule and three glycerolles d. are composed of monosaccharides. e. are none of these 29. Primary protein structure is formed by a hydrophobic interactions. b. hydrogen bonds. c. bonds between amino acids. d. covalent linkages between carbon and oxygen. e. all of these 30. Proteins may function as a structural units. b. bormones. c. storage molecules. d. transport molecules. e. all of these 31. Which amino acid possesses the simplest group? a proline b. serine c. tryptophan d. cysteine c. glycine 32. Which of the following has a methyl as the group? proline b. serine c. tryptophan d. cysteine c. alanine 33. What kind of bond exists between two amino acids in a protein? a. peptide b. ionic c. hydrogen d. amino sulfhydroxyl

Identify the element that has an atomic number of 15.

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