Describe how the Lac repressor and the CAP-cAMP complex regulate the expression of the Lac operon in E. coli.

Describe the concept of the Lamarkian inheritance of acquired characteristics, and explain why you think it is incorrect. Look up the concept of epigenetics and tell me why Lamarck may in fact have been correct!!!

Identify the features of a synovial joint and provide examples of articulation at these joints with 200-300 words.

What are the different connective tissue coverings of a muscle? What is deep fascia? What is superficial fascia?

Which of the following are active muscles during a narrow base of support push up?

anconeus active

biceps brachii (long head) 

biceps brachii (short head) active

brachialis active?

brachioradialis active?

coracobrachialis active?

deltoid (anterior) active?

deltoid (middle) active?

deltoid (middle -posterior fibers) active?

deltoid (posterior) active?

infraspinatus active?

latissimus dorsi active?

levator scapulae active?

pectoralis major (clavicular head) active?

pectoralis major (sternal head) active?

pectoralis minor active?

pronator quadratus active?

pronator teres active?

rhomboids active?

serratus anterior active?

subclavius active?

subscapularis active?

supinator active?

supraspinatus active?

teres major active?

teres minor active?

trapezius (lower) active?

trapezius (middle) active?

trapezius (upper) active?

triceps brachii (lateral head)?

triceps brachii (long head) active?

triceps brachii (medial head) active?

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