Which of the following pairs of processes are incompatible, and therefore should not take place in the same place at the same time within cells? (select two answers) fatty acid oxidation; oxidative phosphorylation amino acid synthesis; protein degradation fatty acid synthesis; glycogen synthesis O protein synthesis; protein degradation glycolysis, gluconeogenesis

Does the central dogma process where DNA is transcribed into mRNA then mRNA is transcribed into protein apply at all times? Why and why not? Give explanation in detail.

What can lead to damage to your hearing in everyday life? Are there products to protect and improve hearing?

Why do you think men have a higher incidence of nose, mouth, and throat problems?

Which one is the only type of genetic testing that is done on the entire population?

a. prenatal testing

b. carrier testing

c. newborn screening

d. diagnostic testing

e. presymptomatic testing

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