1. Which is true of ocean acidification? A. It dissolves calcium carbonate skeletons of important marine organisms like corals, coccolithophorids, etc. B. The acidification is caused primarily by an excess of plastic waste in the oceans. C. It will be counteracted by sea level rise. D. It is caused primarily by the use of pesticides.

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  1. What does the decline in sea otter populations tell us about how ecosystems work? A. Extinction of animals is nearly always a greater problem than extinction of plants. B. Species are always going extinct no matter what humans do. C. If a given species becomes extinct, another species will always quickly take its place. D. The loss of a single species can lead to total ecosystem collapse.

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  1. Which is true of antibiotic resistance in bacteria? A. It is caused partly by extensive use of antibiotics in cattle, chickens, pigs, etc. B. Many new antibiotics will be available soon and these will very likely solve the problem. C. There is no evidence that failure to follow doctor’s instructions for taking antibiotics can contribute to the problem of antibiotic resistance. D. It only affects a few species of bacteria. It will take hundreds or thousands of years for more species to evolve resistance.

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  1. Which of the following factors are making pine trees in the western United States susceptible to the Western Pine Beetle, which is killing them off in record numbers? A. Drought B. Higher than normal temperatures C. Increasing levels of ground-level ozone pollution

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  1. Which of the following species was/were driven to extinction by human activity in the United States? A. The American Bison B. The Passenger Pigeon C. A species of sea otter

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  1. Sea level rise due to climate change is a problem MAINLY because… A. Your favorite beach might become smaller or disappear and tourism will suffer. B. It will lead to extinction of organisms in the intertidal zone C. Major cities and inhabited areas worldwide will become submerged have to be abandoned. D. It will increase the frequency and intensity of marine harmful algal blooms.

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  1. Which is the most important source of heavy metal pollution? A. Plastic waste B. Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides C. Oil spills D. Mining

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  1. Are environment and society really separate entities? Why or why not? A. Yes, human society is completely unique and separate from the rest of nature B. No, there is no dividing line between human society and the environment because human intelligence and society are products of evolution and the environment. C. Yes, because humans have overcome evolution with technology and shaped the Earth almost entirely to their wishes.

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  1. What does the environment as defined in this class include? A. The laws of physics and chemistry B. Biodiversity C. The specifics of Earth’s orbit, atmosphere, geology, etc

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  1. Which is true of plastic waste in the ocean? A. Within five years the problem will likely be solved by new strains of plastic-eating bacteria. B. It occupies numerous areas of the ocean, some of which are twice the size of Texas. C. Although it is ugly and a potential hazard to scuba divers, it poses little threat to marine mammals or birds. D. It occupies an area of the ocean approximately the size of Texas.

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