Multiple choice questions 1) The sodium-hydrogen antiporter (Na’/H’ exchanger) is an example of which type of membrane transport? a. Primary active transport bSecondary active transport c. Facilitated diffusion d. Exocytosis e. Simple diffusion In the short term, what would happen to a spiking neuron if the concentration of potassium ions in the extracellular fluid was increased? a. The resting membrane potential would become more negative b. The electrochemical force driving potassium out of the cell would increase c. Voltage-gated potassium channels would close d. The permeability of the membrane to potassium would decrease e. The resting membrane potential would move closer to threshold 2) Which of the following membrane proteins is primarily responsible for generating and maintaining the chemical concentration gradients that give rise to the resting membrane potential? a. Na’/Ca2 exchanger b. NalH antiporter c. Na’/K’ pump G Na leak channels e. Voltage-gated Na channels 3) 4) Which of the following terms describes intercellular communication via gap junctions? b. Endocrine c. Paracrine d. Autocrine e. Holocrine 5) Which of the following statements concerning pre-synaptic inhibition is incorrect? a. Can be mediated by both ionotropic and metabotropic receptors b. Results in an overall reduction in the influx of Ca2 into the presynaptic terminal c. Is an example of homosynaptic plasticity in the nervous systenm d. Reduces the magnitude of the postsynaptic potential in response to an action potential e. Typically involves the release of GABA by the modulatory neuron 6) The retinotectal pathway provides visual input to which mesencephalic structure? a. Suprachiasmatic nucleus b. Substantia nigra c. Supraoptic nucleus d. Striatum e. Superior colliculus

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