Which of the following conditions would enhance oxygen release from red blood cells? An increase in pH and an increase in Po2 A decrease in pH and an increase in Po2 O A decrease in pH and a decrease in Po2 O An increase in pH and a decrease in Poz . Refer to the table below Activity level Blood PoHemoglobin saturation (mm Hg 80 20 40 with O2 (%) 90 25 75 Data were collected by extracting blood samples from a person’s leg muscle after various levels of physical activity. The blood was analyzed to determine the partial pressure of oxygen as well as the percent saturation of hemoglobin with oxygen as shown in the table. What can be inferred about the three activity levels? O 2 resting; 3 moderate activity; 1 intense activity 0 1- resting: 3moderate activity; 2intense activity O3-resting; 2-moderate activity; 1-intense activity O 2-resting; 1-moderate activity; 3-intense activity

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