Which of the following forms of light microscopy the best eombinton of contrast and resolution look at living cells? necessary to look at li tndyould you use if you wanted h iterential darkfield UV microscopy lertnn misopy is best for high magnification viewing of internal structure of fixed cells. b. internal structure of live, living cells surface structure of fixed cells d. surface membranes of live, living cells 9. Obligate acidophiles: a grow best at pH 7.0, but survive at low pH b. grow only at low pH. c grow best at low pH, but survive at high pH. d. grow best at high pH, but survive at low pH e. grow only at high pH. Bacterial endospores function in 10. a. reproduction c protein synthesis b. d. Survival storage 11. In phase contrast microscopy, unlike other forms of microscope, the special optical system makes it possible to distinguish cells which differ slightly in their a. b. diameter. d. length. size. c. light wavelength 12. You and a friend are enjoying a hotdog with sauerkraut. You tell your friend, “you know sauerkraut is cabbage that is fermented by acidophilic bacteria. She looks at you confused, “acidophilic, what is that”. You tell her that these organisms: a. grow well at low pH c. grow well at low oxygen d. grow well at high pressure b. grow well at high pH d. grow well at low oxygen 13. One characteristic shared by endospores and vegetative cells a. heat resistance c. presence of DNA b. low metabolic activity d. resistance to drying e. radiation resistance

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