E. None of the above 66. Which one of the following is NOT true of visceral smooth muscle? A. Fibers require individual stimulation. B. Fibers are in contact with each other through gap junctions. C. The sarcolemma show caveolae D. Located in the digestive tract, uterus, and in small blood vessels. E. All of the above are correct. 67 Smooth and skeletal muscles share all of the following characteristics EXCEPT A. Requirement of ATP for the contraction process B. Presence of actin and myosin C. Presence of troponin D. Presence of tropomyosin E. Presence of caveolae – Which one of the following is NOT characteristic of visceral smooth muscle? A. Multinucleated cytoplasm B. Poorly developed sarcoplasmic reticulum with no Triad arrangement – C. Actin and myosin myofilaments found dispersed within the sarcoplasm. D. Plasma membranes with numerous gap junctions 69. During periods of intense skeletal muscular activity A. Creatine phosphate is produced at a rate more rapid than when the body is at rest B. Aerobic and anaerobic metabolism both decrease markedly C. An oxygen debt may be built up D. ATP is stored as phosphocreatine to allow continued contraction E. All of the above

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