Draw a picture to depict the force of lift on a mussel attached to a rock by byssal threads, include areas of high and low pressure as well as areas of fast and slow flow.

esophagus B. small ntestine 1 For 4 and 5, refer to the figure shown to the right. Which of the lettered structures is composed of muscle and contracts during breathing? 4. 5. In which of the lettered structures are most nutrients absorbed? 6. What is the correct order for food movement through the GI tract? A. esophagus-liver-large intestine small intestine B)mouth stomach esophagus+ large intestine C. duodenum – jetunum-+ leum – coleon 7. Which of the following is found in the neck of the rat? A. esophagus B. trachea C. thyroid gland D. parotid gland E. A-D are all in the neck

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