: proteins attached to the outer half of the plasma membrane bilayer are usually ttiched by a a farnesyl tail. b. glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) anchor. cprenyl tail. d. geranyl tail. 52. Plasma membrane proteins of intestinal epithelial cells requires separate targeting to a. one continuous plasma membrane domain. b. two plasma membrane domains: the apical and basolateral. c. three plasma membrane domains: the apical, lateral, and basal. d. four plasma membrane domains: one apical, two lateral, and a basal. 53. Which of the following statements about cilia is false? a. They are about 10 um in length, and cells can have many of them b. They can be used to move fluids over the cell surface or to move the cell through fluids. c. They are projections of the plasma membrane supported by microfilaments d. Their movement relies on the motor activity of axonemal dyneirn. 54. Like myosins, kinesins and dyneins are both familes of proteins. Which of the following statements is true of all kinesins and dyneins? a. They are microtubule-dependent motors b. They are minus-end-directed motors. c. The motor activity of the proteins resides in their light chains. d. They are plus-end-directed motors. relative to the rate of tubulin GTP hydrolysis. 55. Whether a microtubule shrinks or grows is determined by the phosphorylation state of beta-tubulin c. the rate of ATP hydrolysis relative to the rate of ATP-bound tubulin addition. d. the presence or absence of gamma-tubulin. a. the rate of GTP-bound tubulin addition

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