Why is it important to understand how viruses enter cell? How can we potentially use the information to prevent viral diseases? 1. Why must viruses attach to receptors to enter cells? Do cell receptors exist solely for virus entry? 2. Describe how icosahedral and enveloped virions attach to cell receptors. 3. Why are two receptors sometimes required for entry into a cell? 4. What are the different ways that nucleic acids exit a naked icosahedral capsid? An enveloped virus particle? 5. Why must fusion of viral and cellular membranes be regulated? Describe how influenza virus membrane fusion is regulated. 6. How do viral or subviral particles move within the cell? Does diffusion play a role? 7. Are viral nucleic acids always released from the capsid/nucleo capsid during entry at the cell surface? 8. Most DNA viral genomes must enter the nucleus. How is this movement accomplished? Do any RNA virus genomes enter the nucleus? If so, how do they cross

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