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Discuss with relevant examples,various strategies to be employed after comprehensive CSR audit to take advantage in the competitive environment

An engineer is planning for the next 4 months. Demand in aggregate units are forecasted as 200, 800, 500, 300 for the next 4 months. The company has 1100 workers and the manager does not plan to hire or fire any workers. Every worker is capable of producing 0.4 aggregate units per month during regular production hours and 0.1 aggregate units during overtime. Unit production cost is 20 liras per unit for regular time and 35 liras per unit during overtime. Demand should be satisfied with no shortages or back orders. Subcontracting is not possible. Inventory holding cost is 10 liras per unit per month. Beginning and ending inventory should be zero. Assume that under time has no cost to the factory. Construct the Transportation Modeling matrix for this problem. Determine a feasible solution on the transportation matrix. For this feasible solution illustrate the values of all decision variables.

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