Do women in the late stages of pregnancy generally need to urinate more often than non-pregnant women? A. No. B. Yes, because the fetus sends out micturone, a urination- promoting hormone. C. Yes, because they tend to have low blood pressure, which increases urination. D. Yes, because their enlarged uterus limits the abdominal space available for their bladder. 43. Which epithelium is NOT found anywhere along the path of filtrate/pre-urine and urine through the urinary system? A. pseudostratified columnar B. simple cuboidal C. simple squamous D. transitional 44. The hilum is the A. filtrate from the glomerulus before it has been subjected to reabsorption and secretion B. outermost part of the nephron C. site of entry and exit for the renal artery and renal vein D. structure by which collecting ducts merge into minor calyces 45. The structure at the base of the penis where the corpora cavernosa diverge is known as the A. corpora chiasma B. crura C. penile reticularis D. seminal matrix E. vesicouterine pouch

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