Product A product can have a strong brand image that corresponds with consumers’ personality. Consumers can express themselves through brand choices or give image of an ideal self. A brand image is consumers’ perception towards the product and set of beliefs concerning the brand. Marketers can strengthen these brand images by advertising, promotions and packaging. (Wright 2006, p. 431.) Delivery Delivering a product or a service to the customer has been proven as one of the most challenging tasks within the order fulfilment processes (Fernie and Sparks, 2009). On a strategic and tactical planning level, providers have to make decisions choosing a certain delivery service level that balances customer convenience and efficiency in terms of costs (Agatz, 2008).

Reibstein (2002) finds that customers in online sales are very heterogeneous and that the price of the products plays in important role in the purchase process even though it is no guarantee for customer loyalty, concluding that on-time delivery is important.

Corresponding with Hsiao (2009), Zhang (2008) identifies the delivery time as one important element in the transaction processFurthermore, Swaminathan and Tayur (2003) argue that customer expectations in e-Commerce in terms of delivery time and timeliness have increased in e-commerce. Xing and Grant (2006) emphasize high consumer expectations in terms of reliable and fast deliveries at convenient times. Boyer et al. (2003) show that late deliveries result in customer dissatisfaction.” Does It shows that customer is very important person to generate the value of company or organization? “

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