Name 11.1 Dietary Adaptations Section Date 1 Draw a dental arcade and label the anatomical directions, using directional terminology for dentition. Include the following terms: Materials Needed mesial distal Station 1: Dentitions of various species labeled A through F, representing as many of the functional dentitions as possible. puncture/crushing (sharp, pointy cusps-bat, tarsier, etc.) shearing (high cusps and connecting ridges-goat, deer, cow) crushing/grinding (low, rounded cusps-human, pig, chimp) tearing (large canines and sharp, high-cusped molars-dog, cat) buccal lingual occlusal ars Station 2: Three different species’ dentitions labeled A through C (either maxilla or mandible, or both) Note: Stations 1 and 2 may be substituted/ supplemented with figures in the lab manual. Station 3: Listed foods (or substitutes) for students so they can experiment with how foods are ingested, and the difference in use of the anterior and posterior teeth for various food types: sunflower seeds (shelled and unshelled)

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