.Information about stem cell therapy, a tissue engineering application in the fight against COVID-19 Add your comments by giving information (10 points) 2.a) Enabling the use of elastin-derived polypeptides (ELP) in cartilage tissue engineering What are the features? (8 points) b) What are the advantages of using elastin-derived polypeptides in a scaffold? (8 points) 3 a) PLA, which is a polyester-based synthetic polymer, degrades in our body fluids and is divided into alcohol. This acid formed in the body can cause inflammation. What to overcome this drawback Suggest, explain (8 points) b) Late degradation (degradation) of PLA, which is a biodegradable and hydrophobic polymer, in body fluid It may cause disadvantage in applications where faster degradation may be desired. To solve this situation what would you suggest to do? Explain. (8 points)

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