The final assignment for this course is an 8 page paper (excluding title page, bibliography and applicable appendices) in APA format with cited research on CVS Haalt. The assignment is to finalize the report from your SWOT analysis. Since this is a working paper, you should have built on a portion of it each week. Please review your graded SWOT analysis to complete this assignment. Items to consider and add to the final report: Add an Executive Summary at the beginning of the report (Hint: write this after you have completed the entire report)

In addition to what you wrote in the case assignment, include whether the company has established a competitive advantage with the strategic elements of organizational culture, human resource practices, and cost.

Mechanics/Style/Presentation Add tables, graphs, or other visual aids as appendices to enhance your report Must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in 12-point Times New Roman. Essays should be proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes. Essays should be in APA style. You must cite all texts used, including page numbers to avoid plagiarism. Your essay must have a thesis statement and conclusion that are both supported by research and analysis. I look forward to your final report!

Learning Objectives

1. Evaluate the managerial role in organization’s strategic planning processes 2. Construct a SWOT analysis for strategic planning in the business environment 3. Synthesize SWOT results to develop plans that provide a competitive advantage in a specific sector and/or industry 4. Design Strategies and plans that contribute to the organizations in a variety of business settings 5. Assess strategies for organizations in multicultural settings 6. Value the use of visual aids to make clear and convincing arguments in presenting strategies within an organization 7. Appraise strategy and planning for organizations in the contemporary business environment 8. Appraise corporate governance and board functions in strategy and planning within an organization Weekly topics

1. Defining strategy and planning

2. Assessing the need for the SWOT analysis 3. Creating and Synthesizing SWOT analysis 4. Writing the SWOT analysis report and Pre-planning 5. Creating and reporting the plan 6. Planning at the organizational level 7. Planning and Public/Government and Private organizations 8. Synthesizing Strategy and Plan to improve the organization Feedback from the SOWT analysis

CVS swot work very well written and quite informative.

I like the introduction and background information as it is short and to the point. Keep in mind who the audience is, CVS, your client. Industry trends discussion is very nice. You mentioned the company strategic objectives, however I see no in text citations concerning the same. The company financial objectives are very interesting, however you should inform your reader what PBM growth strategy is. Your discussion of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats is excellent

You should work on preparing a synthesis of all these working in conjunction with one another as was done in the discussions. There is one very important item that is missing, the 2 x 2 swot matrix.

This is an important component of any swot analysis one of the major items searched when reviewing a swot analysis. It allows the reader the opportunity to review each of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in a simple matrix to see the relationship among one another. I’m surprised you have not included the CVS latest annual report as a reference. I am sure your client will want to know that you have reviewed the latest annual report to understand the management analysis and discussion, which may have information applicable to a swot analysis. Although not perfect, your references look good.

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