1. Provide an overview of the essential elements of a regional tourism development plan based on the reading provided in the Tourism Development Planning Guide (see folder for this reading in ulearn). How do you think these elements might be different when planning tourism on the national level?

2. Evaluate the overview of Portugal’s tourism plan as outlined the reading provided. Does the plan contain the elements that you feel are necessary for the country to reach its tourism goals, most specifically in relation to environmental, social and economic sustainability? What individual elements in the 2027 Action Plan do you believe are the most important to the overall tourism strategy?

3. Portugal’s tourism plan was developed in 2017. What 2 recommendations would you make in regard to re-starting Portuguese tourism post COVID-19, especially as international travel picks up and borders open? Please provide brief explanations and justifications for each of your recommendations.

Discussion Expectation:

Length: It is expected that your discussion post will be approximately 750 words in length

Research: your discussion post is expected to contain at least 3 cited sources (these may include materials provided in the reading). Please be sure to use in-text citations and give the APA citations for your references at the end of your posts.

Task 2 : Response two classmates’ post, that should be approximately 250 words in length each. Each of your responses must reference at least 1 cited source. I will sent their post after you finish the task 1.

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