A team member asks you to explain and provide an example of a transfer strategy for risk response planning. They are also not sure how it is different from mitigate. Your response:

2. At the Project Kickoff meeting, a team member asks what is the difference between the risk management plan and the risk register. You tell them:

3. At the risk response planning meeting, as the project manager, you ask each team to take on the Risk Owner role for a risk. One team member asks you to explain what the role of the risk owner is. Your answer:

4. Your sponsor has asked you to explain 2 different methods to determine the amount of contingency reserve for a project and provide a recommendation for which works best and why.

5. During the risk identification brainstorming meeting, the team identifies “we might go over budget” as a risk. What action(s) would you use to help the team identify the “real” risk event (vs. the impact)?

6. The sponsor has asked for an explanation of the differences between qualitative and quantitative risk analysis. She would like to know when each would be used and how they they might overlap? Your response…..

7. During the initial risk management workshop, your team asks if this is the one chance to identify risks. What is your response to them and also the value of the strategy you offer.




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