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Explain at least 3 ways a manager or supervisor could provide effective feedback to employees. Explain how a manager should decide which method to use with individual employees.

2. Discuss individual and organizational influences on creativity. Explain how organizations and managers can encourage creative decision making in an organization.

3. How can managers assess organization culture? What signs might there be that the current culture is not working effectively? Describe what actions managers can take to change the organizational culture.

4. Explain the reasons employees resist change. How can a manager and organization address or plan for the resistant?

5. Describe the problems discrimination; prejudice and stereotyping create in an organization attempting to manage a diverse workforce. Explain ways managers and the overall organization can effectively address the problems.

6. Explain four ways that managers can increase employee satisfaction. What motivation techniques would be most effective for a manager to use to increase employee satisfaction? Why?

7. In business, what are the main forms of electronic communication? What are the challenges and the advantages of electronic communication in the business environment? Can any be used to motivate employees? Explain.

8. Explain ways an organization can select and then develop effective leaders.

9. Why are successful companies less likely to change? Describe what companies should do in order to make organizational change part of the culture.
  these questions has no further details but in some book it may come under organization behavior , out of experience, as a business student how you can answer these questions based up on you took or you had class of organizational behavior

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