. How does double fertilization in Angiosperms differ from traditional zygote formation in animals?
3. Explain dendrochronology. How do these researchers evaluate historical climate?
4. Explain the bulk flow process in plants. In your answer, be sure to describe bulk flow driven by negative pressure and bulk flow driven by positive pressure.
5. Explain the mutualistic relationships that are important for proper plant nutrition using the relationship between bacteria and roots as an example.
6. How does acid rain influence cation absorption by plant roots?

People often wonder why it is that alleles that cause genetic disorders when recessive are able to persist at low frequencies in populations of humans and other organisms. Use what you’ve learned about the ability of selection to get rid of deleterious recessive alleles to briefly explain why, even if we could stop mutation from adding any more such alleles to the human population, we still expect that such disease-causing alleles are here to stay. (2-3 sentences)

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