A neutral atom will become a cation if it A gains electrons. B. gains protons. C. loses electrons. D. loses protons. E. gains neutrons 34. A unipolar neuron is characterized by the presence of A. one dendrite. B. two dendrites. C. three dendrites. D. four dendrites E. no dendrites. 35. Movement of food through the digestive tract results from the action of A. cardiac muscle. B. smooth muscle. C. C. skeletal muscle. D. undifferentiated muscle. E. voluntary muscle. 36. A cell with abundant peroxisomes would most likely be involved in A. secretion. B. storage of glycogen. C. detoxification activities. D. cellular communication. E. protein synthesis. 37. The plasma membrane is selectively permeable. This means A. only gases and water can pass through it. B. substances need permission to pass through it. C. only certain substances can pass through it. D. substances need carrier molecules to pass through it. E. ATP is always needed to move molecules across the plasma membrane.

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