Explain how a person’s physical or emotional health state may be detected by inspection of the skin. That is, give and (explain) an example of how the skin can be used as a “diagnostic tool.”

Write an equation showing complete oxidation of glucose to CO_2, H_2O and ATP. Describe steps involved in complete oxidation of glucose and cellular location where they take place. What gas causes the bubble to get larger during fermentation process. What are the raw materials and products of photosynthesis? Name pigments involved in photosynthesis. Why plants become colorful in Fall season of the year. Describe different stages in mitosis. Draw a hypothetical animal cells with four chromosomes in prophase, metaphase and telophase of mitosis. Why onion root tips and white fish blastula is used to demonstrate different phases of mitosis. Where meiosis docs takes place in human. Draw a hypothetical cell with four chromosomes in metaphase I and telophase II.

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