A natural soil has a bulk density of 1.35 g em and a particle density of 2.70 g cm and a particle densit porosity is A B) 40% C) 30% D) 200% E) 100% 2. The forces that hold individual soil particles together to for old individual soil particles together to form aggregates is described by A) Soil structure B) Soil tilth C) Soil consistence D) Soil co . Its Soil consistence D) Soil compaction 3. The color of a soil is dark yellowish-brown, 10YR 5/4. Here “4” refers A) Munsell color hue B) Munsell color value C) Munsell color chro D) Munsell color brightness 4. Hue of a soil color refers to A) The total amount of radiation that the soil reflects B) The traditional color of the dominant visible-wavelength-radiation that the soil reflects C) The brightness of the color D) The purity of the color 5. In soil science, the clay particles have a diameter A) Less than 0.002 mm B) Grater than 0.05 mm C) Ranging from 0.01 to 0.05 mm D) Ranging from 2 to 50 um 6. Soil structure refers to 6 A) The pore space of a soil C) Soil particle size distribution By The size and arrangement of soil aggregates D) The cohesiveness holding soil particles together 7. The grade of a soil structure refers to A) Size of the soil peds B) Stability of soil aggregates C) Distribution of soil pores D) A and B 8. Which of the following soil structures is optimal for crop production? A) Blocky B) Massive c) Columnar D) Platy E) Granular 9. Compaction will soil bulk density A) Increase B) Decrease C) No change 10. The space of soil pores is occupied by E A) Soil water B) Soil solids C) Soil air D) A and B E) A and C F ) A, B, & C 11. The porosity of a 100 cm. soil core is 40%. The volume of pore space in the soil core is _ A) 40 cm B) 60 cm C) 40,000 cm D) 140 cm E) 25 cm 12. When you are using the feel technique to determine the soil’s texture class, clay feels A) Plastic B) Sticky C) Smooth D) Gritty 13. A mass of soil particles glued together by clay, organic matter, or microbial gums is called _ A) Single-grain soil B) Soil separates C) Soil aggregates D) Massive soil E) Duripan 14. When a soil is said to be firm, the person is referring to A) A soil structure B) A soil separate D) A soil aggregate E) A soil consistence C) A soil texture 15. Which of the following is the largest? A) A granular ped B) A silt particle D) A sand particle E) A clay particle C) A columnar ped

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