Cancer is caused by alterations in proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. Both of these types of genes are involved in O antibody production O digesting excess proteins regulating cell division none of these answers QUESTION 26 Caspases are enzymes used in: 2. progress through the cell cycle b. DNA repair c. cell motility d. apoptosis (cell suicide) QUESTION 27 of a car In the HHMI video (Dr. Bert Vogelstein), oncogenes (oncoproteins) were compared to the O a. brakes Ob faulty repair mechanic O c. gas pedal O d. none of these answers QUESTION 28 After host cell infection, low-risk strains (in terms of causing cancer) of viruses a. Integrate into the host cell DNA O b. remain as independent episomes and do not integrate into the host cell DNA Oc.cause immediate cell lysis d. none of these answers QUESTION 29 Insertional Mutagenesis a viral DNA remains as episome Ob viral DNA integrates into the host cell’s DNA, altering the expression of the host gene O c. none of these answers O d. Viral oncogene Integrates into the host cell’s DNA QUESTION 30 Retinoblastoma is caused by mutation(s) in the: O a p53 gene b. Myc gene c. none of these answers d. Rb gene

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