Which of the following cells probably do produce pyrogens? a. epithelial cells b. monocytes c. T helper cells d. mast cells e. neutrophils 15. Bacteria produce molecules called siderophores to capture iron; humans can counter this by producing a. iron b. transferrins c. antigens d. iron-degrading enzymes e. none of the above 16. If a scientist were to make antiviral agents for bacteriophages, all of the following could be effective except? a. An agent that blocks lysozyme b. An agent that blocks nucleic acid synthesis c. An agent that blocks intracellular uncoating d. An agent that blocks restriction enzymes e. c&d 17. Which of the following statements is true a. interferon is cytolytic b. ribosomes are the target for antimicrobials that target protein synthesis c. red blood cells contain MHC I d. IgG is the first antibody synthesized in response to a bacterial infection e. a & b

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