The external apoptosis pathway is activated in response to: a. A death signal from a neighboring cell b. DNA damage O c. p53 d. DNA repair QUESTION 20 DNA viruses that cause cellular transformation and cancer: a do not integrate their DNA into host coll’s DNA b. remain as episomes c. Integrate their DNA into the host cell’s DNA d. none of these answers QUESTION 21 In the movie, Ghost in Your Genes, changes in the epigenome refer to: O a. DNA methylation b. antibody production c. phospholipds Od mitochondria QUESTION 22 Which of the following about p53 is false: a. It is an oncogene b. none of these answers c. it is mutated in many cancers d. it is a tumor suppressor gene QUESTION 23 There are DNA damage checkpoints near the end of: a. G2 and M only O b. G1 and M only O . G1, G2, and M Od there are no checkpoints QUESTION 24 In cancer, tumor suppressor genes with mutations result in a: a none of these answers b. gain of function c. loss of function d. no change in function

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