How many grams of agarose would you need to prepare 140 ml of a 0.9% agarose solution? (Use 1 decimal place in your answer, e.g. “2.4”, “0.9”, etc.) Your Answer: Answer Question 13 (1 point) Consider the following agarose solutions: 0.8% 1.0% and 1.5%. Which one will create a gel with the smallest pore size? – 5 0 0.8% 1.0% 1.5% the pore sizes will be the same if the same type of agarose is used for each solution Question 14 (1 point) ✓ Saved The two forms of hemoglobin are Sickle cell (Hb S) and normal (Hb A). Hb S consists of 4 normal polypeptides 3 normal polypeptides and 1 abnormal polypeptide 2 normal polypeptides and 2 abnormal polypeptides O4 abnormal polypeptides Question 15 (1 point) Why was glycerol added to the hemoglobin samples you analyzed by gel electrophoresis? to make it denser so that it will sink to the bottom of the well when loading it into the gel to neutralize any negative charges that the hemoglobin may have at pH 9.2 to neutralize any positive charges that the hemoglobin may have at pH 9.2 to create negative charges so the hemoglobin will migrate toward the positive electrode

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