How many hydrogen bonds form between U and A in a Watson_Crick base pair interactions? Which of the following enzyme(s) can remove or insert supercoil twists into circular DNA? A protein that is composed of more rthan one polypeptide has primary structure secondary structure tertiary structure quaternary strucrture all of the above A 120 base pair DNA molecule contains 50% purines. This DNA molecule could contain: 60 adenines 60 cytosines 120 guanines 120 thymines All of the above Which of the following is a difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells that is a consequence of compartmentalization? Which bonds are necessarily created during the formation of the primary structure of a protein? The major finding of the Hershey and chase 1952 experiment with bacteriophage was Which two histones are among the most conserved of all known proteins?

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