In wild petunias, the allele for red flower color (R) is dominant over the allele for white flower color (r). We sample a population and find 750 plants have white flowers and 270 have red flowers. If the population is in HWE, what are the allele frequencies of R and r in this population? How many of the 270 plants that have red flowers are homozygous and how many are heterozygous at the flower color locus? Show your work and round allele frequencies to two decimal places. 3. A zoologist is investigating a population of squirrels whose coat color is controlled by a single gene whose two alleles (B, & B2) are co-dominant. B,B1 individuals are black, B,B2 individuals are brown, and 8282 are tan. She surveys the population and finds 600 black squirrels, 256 brown squirrels, and 112 tan squirrels. Is this population in HWE? If not, what might explain this pattern? Make sure to show your work.

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