SAAS-CoV.2 is a large RNA virus that causes Cov19 pandemio, with some 30.000 ANA nucleotides in its genetic code. Those nucleotides encode 29 viral proteins that enable the virus to infect collo, reproducoescape, and spread Weye fortunate this virus has provided us with so many targets, so many opportunities for intervention, says Sandra Wellera molecular biologist at UConn Health Antivirals have proved critical in fighting other infections such as HIV and hepatitis C Suchdrugs will be vital in the struggle against the pandemic coronavirus, too, despite the ongoing rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. “We know not everyone will be able to take the vaccine or respond to it,” says Mark Denison, a virologist at Vanderbilt University Vaccines may also lose effectiveness as immune protection wanes or viral variants emerge. “So, continuing development of antivirus is critical, Denison says. The 20 proteins come in three main categories: structural proteins that make up the outer coat; nonstructural proteins (NSP), most of which help the virus replicate and accessory proteins, several of which appear to subdue the host’s immune response. Thus far, drug hunters have taken aim mainly at the structural and replication proteins, concentrating on molecules similar to those that have paid off in fighting other viruses. According to a biotech industry drug tracker, some 289 antiviral molecules against COVID 19 are under development, targeting multiple parts of the viral site cycle You leam that viral infection cycle can be sequentially separated into 5 steps. Please discuss the following questions 1. How does SARS-CoV2 virus complete the 5 stop infection cycle in the host cells? Please indicate the major viral and host molecules in each steps and biological roles of these molecules for the virus to completo its infection cycle (6 points) 2. You are a virologist who is developing an anti-viral drug for Covia, which stop and what type of chomicals are your first choice? Please explain your reasons (4 points)

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