Which of the following can be a base according to the Bronsted & Lowry’s definition? Provide a reason why other answers are incorrect. A. Water H2O B. Ammonia NH3 C. Sodium hydroxide NaOH D. All of the above _is an amino acid typically locates at the center of the collagen triple-helix chain because . Provide a reason why other answers are incorrect. A. Glycine, a small side chain B. Glycine, an aromatic side chain C. Proline, an acidic side chain D. Histidine, a side chain with almost a neutral pka

Explain how the expected F1 results differ depending on whether the genes are x-linked or autosomal.

The mechanisms of regulation of activity of enzymatic reactions include O changing gene expression for the enzyme O confining enzymes to compartments within cellular membrane O Degradation of enzymes O All of the above

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