A woman with normal blood clotting mates with a man who also has normal blood clotting. Their first child is a boy who has hemophilia. Tests show that the child’s hemophilia is X-linked recessive and that he has normal genetic inheritance. You can predict that if the couple produces more children Not yet answered together, then the odds are that Marked out of 1.00 Flag question Select one: a. All of the children will have hemophilia. b. Half of the boys and none of the girls will have hemophilia. C. None of the rest of the children should have hemophilia. fthe boys and half of the girls will have hemophilia. d. Half Question 10 Match the following steps of signal transduction to their function Not yet answerad Marked out of 1.00 A cellular response occurs Choose. Flag question The binding of the signal molecule with specific receptor. Choose. The process where the receptor changes conformation and and triggers signals inside the cell. Choose.. Question 11 which results in switching off the signal pathway. Once activated, CAMP is quickly degraded to AMP by Not yet arswered Select one: Marked out of 1.00 a. phosphodiesterase PFlag question b. phospholipase C c. adenylyl cyclase d. diacylglycerol (DAG) Question 12 In most cases, the major function of protein kinases is to Not vet answered Select one: Marked out ot 1.00 a. bind CGMP. Flag question b. add phosphate groups to certain proteins. c. bind extracellular signal molecules at the cell surface d. stimulate adenylyl cyclase il!

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